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Fabrication Services in
the Eastern Shore of VA

When you think of high-quality, gorgeous countertops, more often than not, granite or quartz materials are considered to be the most desirable, durable, and highest quality materials. Tile Guys LLC in the Eastern Shore of VA, know what beautiful choices granite and quartz make for countertops. As a result, we’ve partnered with the best retailer to expand the options for our customers: Marva Marble. Marva Marble is the largest stone gallery on the East Coast, with thousands of options. Together with Marva Marble, we’re able to offer you fabrication services to help you get the most out of your granite or quartz selection.

Granite Fabrication Services

Granite is a beautiful and timeless material that is sure to make an impact on your room. Found in the most luxurious homes, it’s more than just beautiful.: Granite offers functionality with style. It’s extremely durable, and it won’t chip, break, or crack under normal conditions of your kitchen or bathroom. We work with Marva Marble to help you find the best patterning, colors, and textures for your needs, which opens up a world of customization options for you.

Granite vanity

Granite vanity

Quartz Fabrication Services

Another gorgeous, but functional option for your countertop surfaces is quartz. Quartz is naturally beautiful and can play host to a deep variety of soft and soothing colors, patterns, and textures. Plus, quartz is a nonporous material, unlike granite and marble, so it is resistant to stains, bacteria, and germs. It makes a great material for kitchens and bathrooms, areas that see a lot of dirt, bacteria, and grime from washing hands or cutting raw meats. We offer leading quartz countertop options, such as Cambria, Caesarstone, and Silestone.

The Process

The process of fabrication is part of what will make your granite or quartz choice unique. Fabrication services happen after you choose the veins, shading, color, density, and structural integrity of the stone you’d like.

Our fabrication services involve a complex process to get the raw material to match your specifications. First, the stone will be inspected for chips, scratches, and other aesthetic imperfections to make sure it’s suitable. The best layout for the optimal aesthetic appearance of veins, color, and texture is decided, and then the stone will be cut and detailed. The final steps involve installing supportive or drain structures, if necessary, and then the stone is smoothed several times with a grit polish to achieve the perfect surface. Once that’s done, your stone will be washed and the sealer applied to ensure it stays pristine.

Granite and quartz have a natural beauty all their own, and every piece is unique. Some granite has no movement and others flow with a river of color. We have a beautiful array of samples to help you select the right stone for your home. We’ll professionally install it, provide you a starter kit, and instruct you on how to maintain your beautiful stonework. If it gets chipped or cracked, we can repair, deep clean, and reseal it.

Granite kitchen island

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