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Remodeling Services in the Eastern Shore of VA

When your home doesn’t hold the same charm that it used to or needs updating to really make a lasting impression on guests, a remodel or renovation job is a perfect way to modernize and give it a new personality.

Doing a complete renovation by yourself can be very difficult. Completing the job successfully requires a wide base of knowledge in many fields. Hiring a professional can be a difficult decision, too. However, you don’t have to worry when you choose Tile Guys LLC in the Eastern Shore of VA, for your remodeling services. We’re backed by more than 30 years of successful jobs and happy clients, and we’re fully insured and licensed in the state of Virginia to complete jobs just like yours. For unparalleled expertise and unbeatable service, trust Tile Guys LLC.

Remodel designs

Designing your dream kitchen or bathroom can be a complicated process. You have to consider the style you want, the budget you’re working with, and how the layout of the room will affect your design. At Tile Guys LLC, we’ll help you craft ideal remodel designs for your bathroom or kitchen that will encompass the atmosphere and aesthetic you want, while remaining functional and smooth.

Remodeled kitchen

Commercial building


One of the trickiest parts of a remodel can be the demolition. The demolition process can be hectic, messy, and even dangerous. Not only could serious accidents occur, but you could miscalculate or make a wrong move and cause permanent damage to the structural integrity of your home. This could result in costly errors that will have you shelling out more money to repair them. At Tile Guys LLC, we are fully licensed to perform demolition as part of our remodeling services, and our hands-on knowledge ensures we won’t make mistakes. We also promise to keep the job site clean and be respectful to your home.


Since we offer comprehensive remodel services, we can perform expert installation of your appliances, flooring, and fixtures. We’re able to safely handle electrical and plumbing needs to make sure everything works as it should. Whether you’re getting new countertops, fixtures that need to be wired, or new flooring, our extremely capable team can expertly install it all. When we’re finished, we’ll also complete the cleanup and debris removal for you.

Nature design backsplash

Mosaic table

Our Promise To You

At Tile Guys LLC, we believe in doing work with our whole hearts and putting every ounce of effort we have into making sure it’s done perfectly. We’re fully licensed and insured with a great deal of experience, and we strive for excellence in every job we do. With all of that said, we still understand that sometimes things happen and mistakes are made. We could have an ironclad warranty, but we know that without the moral character to pick up the phone, show up to resolve the issue, and genuinely care for our clients, a warranty is useless. All manufacture warranties apply, but our goal is to give you the highest quality of workmanship from the start—no warranty necessary.

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